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Grazing muzzle on horse

Horses Wearing Muzzles Show Different Grazing Habits

A study was designed by researchers from the University of Minnesota to compare grazing behavior in muzzled horses turned out on plots sown with different forages.

KER Research

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measuring hindgut acidity

Will a Hindgut Buffer Nutritionally Support Horses that Eat a High-Grain Diet?

This study was designed to test the efficacy and safety of feeding a protected sodium bicarbonate product to treat hindgut acidosis in horses fed a high-grain ration.


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bare horse hoof

Trimming and Shoeing Intervals for Horses

The recommendation to have a horse’s hooves trimmed and shoes reset about every six weeks is not just to keep farriers busy; it’s mainly to keep horses sound and comfortable, in both the short and long terms.

General Interest

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wild horses

“Lead Mare” Position May Not Exist in All Horse Herds

The position of “lead mare,” an older female that makes decisions about herd movement, may not be a universal feature of wild horse groups, according to research carried out in Italy.